CO Spirit Wellness Chats

Join the Colorado Spirit team as we discuss various topics surrounding welness, including routine building and mindfulness. These short chats will help you understand and manage stress as well as develop skills to help you cope successfully!

Catastrophizing is our mind’s tendency to think of the worst possible outcome. With COVID-19 continuing to disrupt daily life, worries, anxieties, and concerns are more prominent than ever. However, without containment, the fears can be endless. Colorado Spirit’s Jenn Jordan teaches us how to combat unhelpful thoughts and emotions in a special presentation.


Eating serves many purposes, from supplying our bodies with nutrients to simply being a comfort tool. The ongoing global pandemic continues to disrupt everyday life, causing daily stressors that can lead to emotional eating. Colorado Spirit's Megan Kearns talks to us about mindful eating, why it is important, and how you can practice it in your daily life.


Now more than ever it's easy to let our thoughts wander or drift to obsessive or negative thoughts that cause anxiety or depression. Mindfulness​ allows us to return to the present moment, focus our intentions, and ultimately let go of negative thoughts and emotions. Colorado Spirit’s Louie Pinkerton talks to us about mindful writing, its benefits, and how to apply it to everyday life!

With COVID-19 cases continuing to spike across Colorado, schools are going back to fully remote learning. For many parents and guardians, this means being part-time teachers on top of being a full-time parent. It can be tough to juggle parenting responsibilities on top of everything else, and it’s important to take care of yourself both physically and emotionally to avoid burnout. Colorado Spirit's Sarah Greenbaum talks to us about establishing routines to help set you and your learners up for success.


With COVID-19 cases rising in Colorado and many cities moving to “Safer at Home” mandates, many people wonder if this means worsened SAD symptoms. Colorado Spirit's Chelsea Pearson-Vibert discusses SAD and what steps you can take to be happier and positive this winter!

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