Our Free & Confidential Services

Our crisis counselors are here to help you understand and manage stress, develop coping strategies, and connect you with other resources you might need through individual & group support, referrals, educational content, and other COVID-19 relief services.


Individual Support

Help you understand your reactions, improve coping strategies, review your options, and connect you with other individuals and agencies that may assist you

Group Support

Sessions, classes, trainings, and consultations led by our trained crisis counselors who offer skills to help you cope with your situation and reactions.

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Public Education

Information and education about typical reactions, helpful coping strategies, and available disaster-related resources

Community Networking and Support

Relationship building with community resource organizations, faith-based groups, and local agencies


Assessment, Referral, and Resource Linkage

Assess your needs and refer you to additional disaster relief services, mental health services, or substance use treatment (if needed).


Development and Distribution of Educational Materials

Flyers, brochures, tip sheets, educational materials, and web site information developed and distributed by our Colorado Spirit team