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  Tina Hageman: Family Tree


We had an excellent experience! 


The Colorado Spirit team facilitated a virtual Peer Support meeting that we had initiated in the summer of 2020. After excellent feedback from a first very successful meeting on self-care, we asked for ongoing monthly support meetings. The Colorado Spirit team provided meaningful and interactive sessions that were engaging despite being virtual, and were inclusive, inviting ideas and recommendations from the team members and participants.


I have also often recommended their counseling and additional support services.

Laura Simpkins, Program Impact Evaluator: Family Tree


We started our relationship with the Colorado Spirit team when we were offering our staff a peer support group to come together during the pandemic and discuss any concerns. It had been led by a Family Tree staff person, but with the structure and facilitation offered by CO Spirit it was more enjoyable.


The CO Spirit team always shows up authentically. They set great intentions for the group and are fantastic at facilitating conversations. They have really fun and profound activities that help our staff take a break from “real life” and decompress. We are working with them on a recurring basis and would absolutely recommend them as someone to work with.

Nicole Lopez, Guest Services Coordinator: PorchLight, A Family Justice Center


We reached out to Colorado Spirit because were planning ahead while we were working remotely.


As we planned on opening our doors to the public, we also wanted to provide a supportive environment for our staff and partner agencies. Focusing on self-care and collaboration was our initial intent.


The team has been amazing! Specifically, Chelsea has been easy to work with. She is flexible with scheduling and really listens to our needs. She also made me feel comfortable brainstorming self-care ideas for staff and partners with many supportive suggestions. We are working with them every week and I have shared Their contact with other agencies.

 René Yaws:

Jefferson County Public Library

I heard about Colorado Spirit from JCPL HR team. I am a public services manager at Columbine Library with Jefferson County Public Library (JCPL). I was mainly concerned with providing different wellness options to staff during Covid and the stressful times they faced dealing with the public through the various changes that took place. I was encouraged by the library social worker Debra to try Colorado Spirit and we had previously had successful online JCMH presentations for staff even before Colorado Spirit. I don’t recall exactly which course we had but we did it online and it was available at a time when most staff could attend. I also don’t remember how many of the 45 staff we had attend, but I do remember that the Patron Experience Supervisor and I thought it was very helpful. I also received some positive comments from staff who attended. I would absolutely work with the team again at some point and I am recommending their services to the people I know.

  Gail Town: 

Colorado Spirit Individual Client

I heard about the Colorado Spirit team when I got my first vaccination, the Arvada Fire Department was giving out post cards with Colorado Sprit’s name and number. I have suffered from anxiety attacks since 2/2018. I had it pretty much under control until the pandemic started in 2020. They came back with a vengeance. I tried 3x to get help with therapy but everything fell through because of COVID. I chose to work with Colorado Spirit because Nobody else was available. I tried 3x to get therapy with no luck. Muneer, Colorado Spirit's Child and Family Specialist,  has been a blessing. He has been patient, understanding, compassionate, and helpful. Through guided meditations, I have been able to calm down. I would for sure want to work with Colorado Spirit again and I would definitely recommend them to the people I know.

Anjanette Hawkins:

Jefferson County Public Health

I learned about Colorado Spirit during the COVID vaccination site for first responders and vulnerable populations. We started working with them because we needed behavioral health support for staff and clients. The Colorado Spirit team did just that! The Colorado Spirit team was a huge part of the COVID vaccine response and provided support and a listening ear for responders, clients and family members reacting to the high stress situation. They brought a calming demeanor to the site and really helped create a calmer atmosphere. We would most definitely work with the team again and recommend the team and their services to people we know.

  V Reeves:

Jefferson County Case Manager, CSPI

Benefits in Action invited CO Spirit to do a virtual boundaries training with staff/ case workers/ caretakers to teach how to maintain healthy boundaries with clients. As a case manager for folks living out of their vehicles, I recognized that this training, if modified slightly to better suit the target audience, could be empowering for our clients. Most clients who have issues with respecting boundaries haven’t been taught how to have healthy boundaries with others in their own lives. I hoped that this training would encourage folks to seek healthier/ protectant conflict resolution strategies with their loved ones, fellow parkers, and community members at large. I chose to work with Colorado Spirit because I appreciated the soft-spoken nature of the speakers and felt that they could be patient and trauma-informed when working directly with our houseless clients. My experience with the team was absolutely fantastic! Very much looking forward to scheduling more regular empowerment/ life skills trainings for our clients in 2022. Chelsea (clinical coordinator), Charles, and the 3 interns Benton (showed a ton of leadership), Megan, and Taylor were all phenomenal. I am thankful for their insight, relatable approaches, and adaptability. I know definitively that they had an impact on training attendees when it came to shifting mindsets surrounding boundary setting/ responding. I will be reaching out promptly to schedule regular trainings of various natures, with boundaries being a staple one for the future and I have been recommending the team to everyone I know.