10 Activities To Help Boost Your Mood

Updated: Nov 11

Our moods are in constant fluctuation, changing from happy, to angry, to sad, daily. With the ongoing pandemic and the ever-changing stressors of our day-to-day lives, you might find that those bad days are happening more frequently. However, there are plenty of strategies to improve your mindset and turn your mood around.

Here are 10 tips and tricks provided by our Colorado Spirit Team proven to help boost your mood:

1. Take A Walk

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The fastest way to get out of your head and improve your mood is to take a walk. Walking has been shown to help reduce feelings of depression and anxiety. Walking can also improve our creative thinking. In a study conducted by GSE professor Daniel Schwartz and GSE PhD Marily Oppezzo, it was proven that walking boosted “creative ideation in real time and shortly after.”

Not only is walking great for our mental health it is good for our physical health too. According to Healthline, walking offers several health benefits including lowering blood sugar levels, easing joint pain, boosting immune function and energy, strengthening the heart, and even extending your life. With all these great side effects, walking might be the best thing you can do each day.

2. Do Some Aerobic Exercises

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In addition to walking, other aerobic exercises such as swimming, jogging, cycling, etc., all aid in boosting your mood. These exercises increase our blood circulation, which can alter how we react to stress. According to doctors Ashish Sharma, Vishal Madaan, and Frederick Petty, exercise improves mental health by “reducing anxiety, depression, and negative mood.” It has also been shown to reduce feelings of low self-esteem.

By regularly exercising we can also improve our sleep, increase our endurance, reduce stress, and increase mental alertness. If you are looking to boost your mood in the long run, aerobic exercises might just be the thing you need.

3. Vent In Your Journal

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